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Off to GOP La-La Land...

January 27, 2005

Social Security in La-La Land

Rep. Bill Thomas, Republican Chairman of the Ways & Means Committee, threw a huge monkey wrench into President Bush's designs on Social Security last week when he called Bush's privatization plan a "dead horse." So when Thomas appeared on Meet the Press this past weekend for an extended interview, one might have expected a repentant Republican dutifully deferring to the Karl Rove playbook. If so, Rove is a tad off his game. Not only did Thomas only confuse things further regarding the "dead horse," when host Tim Russert asked Thomas about another bizarre comment he made suggesting Social Security benefits should be adjusted for women because they live longer, Thomas just dove deeper into the abyss:

MR. RUSSERT: ...A gender adjustment--what does that mean?

REP. THOMAS: Well, it was one of my ways of getting people to focus on the issue of age. To move from 65 to 68, which we did in 1983, was a benefit cut. But it also creates hardships based upon the occupation that you have, and it creates inequities on who you are and how long you live. You could just as easily have a discussion about occupations as to when would be a fair or an unfair time to require. We also need to examine, frankly, Tim, the question of race in terms of how many years of retirement do you get based upon your race? And you ought not to just leave gender off the table because that would be a factor.

In a letter none of them ever expected to have to write, Democratic Leader Pelosi and 26 women Members of Congress sent a letter to Chairman Thomas:

"We are extremely concerned about your recent comments last week, and again this weekend, suggesting that because women live longer, they should receive lower Social Security benefits than men. And your comments yesterday refusing to rule out drastic cuts in the guaranteed benefits provided to all Social Security beneficiaries - something that would disproportionately affect women - were equally as troubling."

In another off-message highlight, just one day before the administration sent out word that they would renew their fear-mongering "crisis" language (after Democrats had cowed President Bush into abandoning it), Thomas gave Russert this answer:

MR. RUSSERT: President Bush has said Social Security is in a crisis. Democrats say hold on, not so fast, it's not a crisis. Is it?

REP. THOMAS: Well, couple of weeks ago, the president had one of his forums in Washington, and if you'll look at what he said actually at that Washington forum, he used the term "problem" 27 times. He used crisis zero. I think problem really is what we're dealing with.

With a performance like that, and with Republicans already fleeing the sinking privatization ship in hoards, next week's State of the Union address will likely be the point of no return for President Bush. He can either retreat and concede to a quick and brutal defeat, or he can go forth and attempt to steamroll Congress into this massive swindle against all odds. Not an enviable position.

For those who still feel confused by the furious whirlwind of "facts," see this outstanding op-ed from Mark Weisbrot and Dean Baker of the Centre for Economic Policy Research, which boils down the argument to a few key bullet points.

Inauguration in La-La Land

Gauging reaction to President Bush's inaugural speech really depended on whom you asked. If you asked conservative pundits William Kristol and Charles Krauthammer, they would tell you it was both "historic" and "revolutionary." What they might not have told you was that they helped write it. When you surveyed the other side, i.e. those who had not helped write it, the reaction differed slightly.

Arch-conservative and Reagan Speechwriter Peggy Noonan:

"The inaugural address itself was startling. It left me with a bad feeling, and reluctant dislike. Rhetorically, it veered from high-class boilerplate to strong and simple sentences, but it was not pedestrian. George W. Bush's second inaugural will no doubt prove historic because it carried a punch, asserting an agenda so sweeping that an observer quipped that by the end he would not have been surprised if the president had announced we were going to colonize Mars."

Washington Post editorial:

"Inaugural addresses are meant to outline large themes rather than prosaic programs, but Mr. Bush's text seemed exceptional in its untethering from the world."

Los Angeles Times editorial:

"There are reasons to be impressed by Bush's new doctrine. There are also reasons to be very afraid. It would be good if this country's foreign policy more closely tracked our professed ideals. It would be disastrous if self-righteous hubris led us into bloody and hopeless crusades, caused us to do terrible things that mock the values we are supposed to be fighting for, alienated us from an unappreciative world and possibly brought home more of the terrorism our neo-idealism is intended to suppress. There is an illustration of all these risks close to hand."

And for those who like their inaugural speeches and editorial opinions complimented with a small dose of say, reality, Glenn Kessler and Robin Wright lay it out in an analysis piece for the Washington Post:

"White House officials said yesterday that President Bush's soaring inaugural address, in which he declared the goal of ending tyranny around the world, represents no significant shift in U.S. foreign policy but instead was meant as a crystallization and clarification of policies he is pursuing in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Middle East and elsewhere.

"Nor, they say, will it lead to any quick shift in strategy for dealing with countries such as Russia, China, Egypt and Pakistan, allies in the fight against terrorism whose records on human rights and democracy fall well short of the values Bush said would become the basis of relations with all countries."

As Mr. T used to say, "That's just jibber jabber."

Budgets in La-La Land

After years of being scammed on budget projections from the Bush administration, the press got their asterisks ready when the Congressional Budget Office released their figures on the deficits for this year and the next ten. And they needed them. The Washington Post report takes a full four paragraphs just to exhaust the omissions:

"The federal budget deficit is expected to reach $368 billion this fiscal year, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office projected today, but with an additional $80 billion expected to fund wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, federal red ink appears destined to return to record territory.

"The forecast, by Congress's official budget scorekeeper, suggests the Bush administration will continue to have difficulty reigning in federal deficits as long as war drains the government's coffers. The CBO projected that the government will rack up another $855 billion in debt between 2006 and 2015, but that total assumes little money will be spent in Iraq over the next decade.

"Perhaps more importantly, CBO, by law, must assume President Bush's first-term tax cuts will expire after 2010, sending the government's balance sheet from a $189 billion deficit that year to a $71 billion surplus in 2012. Bush and Republicans in Congress have called for making those tax cuts permanent.

"Moreover, the CBO forecast excludes the cost of Bush's promised overhaul of Social Security, which could add an additional $1 trillion to $2 trillion over the next decade."

You might ask where these deficits came from. The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities explains in a new report:

"The new Congressional Budget Office budget projections released today show that the nation faces a fourth consecutive year of substantial budget deficits. Some seek to portray 'runaway domestic spending' or growth in the costs of entitlement programs as the primary cause of the shift in recent years from sizeable surpluses to large deficits. Such a characterization is incorrect. In 2005, the cost of tax cuts enacted over the past four years will be nearly four times the cost of all domestic program increases enacted over this period."

You might then ask yourself whether that "tax legislation" at least created the jobs it was supposed to. The Economic Policy Institute answers:

"With the newly released payroll employment data for December 2004 it is now possible to assess whether the administration's tax cut strategy produced the employment growth that was projected (see table and figure below). The final verdict is grim. Job growth over the last 18 months has fallen short by 1,703,000-more than one-third less than the number of jobs the administration said would be created without the tax cuts. Given that the economy failed to produce the number of jobs expected with no policy change, it seems hard to argue that the tax cuts were a successful strategy in adding any jobs-the promised 1.4 million additional jobs never materialized."

Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi addressed all of these issues in her response:

"Today's CBO projections confirm that President Bush and Congressional Republicans have completely abandoned fiscal responsibility. The last three Bush budgets have produced the three largest deficits in history, and now the CBO is projecting an enormous $368 billion deficit for 2005. That whopping figure does not even include the $80 billion President Bush will soon request for Iraq and Afghanistan or his $2 trillion proposal to undermine Social Security. And rather than addressing the problem, the President will deepen it by proposing a budget next month that seeks to add another $1.8 trillion in debt by extending huge tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans.

"The President set the bar low when he only committed to reducing the deficit by half by 2009, and Republicans are on a path of fiscal recklessness that fails to even meet that inadequate goal. Economists have warned that huge deficits are a drag on the economy that will eventually force interest rates up. If we do not act to restore accountability, then mortgages, car loans, credit card debt, and student loans will all cost more.

"Democrats believe we must return to accountability. We must bring back pay as you go rules that require the federal government to live within its means by offsetting both tax cuts and spending. Pay as you go produced record budget surpluses in the 1990s and could be successful again."

Coming Together, Hopefully

While Republicans and Democrats will have many differences over the next couple of years, for the moment it appears we might be able to agree on something. A release from the office of Democrat Dennis Moore describes the occasion:


Bipartisan legislation honors military personnel by raising benefit to $100,000

(WASHINGTON, DC) - Congressman Dennis Moore (Democrat -- Kansas) and Congressman Spencer Bachus (Republican - Alabama) introduced bipartisan legislation today to honor our military personnel by increasing the military death gratuity to $100,000.

"Losing a loved one inevitably causes emotional hardship," Moore said. "We should do everything we can to ensure it does not cause financial hardship as well. The present death gratuity is inadequate and an insult to somebody who has just lost a family member. It certainly does not express our appreciation for their sacrifice."

Already, the bill is cosponsored by a coalition of both Republicans and Democrats, including Congressman Jerry Moran (Republican - Kansas).

"We must do more to assist the survivors of servicemen and women to overcome the emotional and financial burdens placed upon them as a result of their loss. The present death benefit is grossly inadequate to compensate the families of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice," said Bachus.

The bill calls for the military death gratuity to be increased from $12,000 to $100,000 and would be applied retroactively to all servicemen and women on active duty who have died since September 11, 2001.

In the last Congress, Moore and Bachus garnered the support of 219 bipartisan cosponsors for similar legislation. The bill also was endorsed by the Veterans of Foreign Wars, The American Legion, Disabled American Veterans, and the Non Commissioned Officers Association of the United States of America.

"I'm pleased this idea, which we first introduced in September 2004, is now getting the national attention it deserves," Moore said. "Raising the military death gratuity is not about Republicans or Democrats. It is about supporting the families of those who sacrificed for our county so we can live in freedom."

As the release notes, this will not be the first time around for this important legislation, which has been scuttled in the past by the White House. We hope they will come around.

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Stop Bush cold on Social Security

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Democratic News

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Stop Bush Cold

On February 2, Bush will try to mislead the American people on Social Security. But with your help, we will spread the truth with our "Watch Bush Mislead" fact sheet.

Act now to help sap the strength from Bush's effort to use the power of the presidency to break the back of Social Security.

George W. Bush is leading the charge when it comes to the Republicans' all-out effort to dismantle Social Security. Next Wednesday, February 2, is a critical day for him: the first State of the Union address of his second term. He's planning on using his State of the Union speech as a powerful launching pad for his Social Security scare campaign. But we've got some plans of our own.

Today, the Democratic National Committee is launching a "Million Dollars in Seven Days" Social Security campaign. We'll use those funds as the seed money for the most extensive, far-reaching, and effective grassroots issues campaign America has ever seen.

This week we have two key tasks. First, we need your help to launch our campaign with your donation today:

Second, we'll be distributing a "Watch Bush Mislead" fact sheet across the nation prior to the Bush's State of the Union Speech, and we'll need your help to spread the word. Keep an eye on your email in box for your copy.

President Bush knows that on February 2, he has an opportunity to shape the 2005 debate in favor of his reckless, radical Social Security plan. We can't let him get away with it. He will use the State of the Union speech to distort the facts about the current state of Social Security and to hide the disastrous consequences of his plan to dismantle this bedrock program that has kept generations of seniors out of poverty

Republicans want a vote within six months to break Social Security's fundamental guarantee, partially privatize the system, and turn it from an unbreakable promise into a stock market gamble. Bush's radical plan will add a trillion dollars to the already bulging Bush deficit.

We're going to make sure that, before they hear the President's words on February 2, the American people know the truth. It's a critical first step in sapping the strength from Bush's effort to use the power of the Presidency to break the back of Social Security.

We're counting on your active participation and your strong financial support.

Together, we're going to stop Bush cold when he tries to mislead the American people about Social Security next week. And for anyone who votes to dismantle Social Security in 2005, we're going to stop them cold on Election Day in 2006.

Winning this struggle over the future of Social Security is essential. We've got to demonstrate our determination and our grassroots power right out of the box in 2005. Otherwise, Bush and the Republicans will try to roll over us on one issue after another for four long years.

We will never let that happen. Let's set the tone right now in the seven days leading up to the President's State of the Union Address. Thank you for adding your energy and passion to this critical initiative.

Doug, Eric, Jesse, Nancy, Morra, and Josh
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Real Reform Versus Republican Record


Dear Friend,

As you know, Leader Nancy Pelosi has asked me to chair the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee -- an honor I enthusiastically accepted. I am determined to restore a Democratic House majority.

I have always believed that elections are won by candidates who stand for robust reform and change on behalf of Americans. In the past two elections, Republicans have successfully embraced the language of reform. But their "reforms" have benefited powerful special interests while disadvantaging millions of middle-class families and the poor.

Their tax "reform" has turned the hard-earned budget surplus under a Democratic President into a record federal deficit while shifting the tax burden onto the backs of middle-income families. Multinational corporations won huge loopholes while millions of working families were denied a child tax credit. IRS enforcement has been targeted at working families applying for the Earned Income Tax Credit rather than big corporations engaged in wholesale tax avoidance.

Their Medicare "reform" increased the profits of the pharmaceutical industry by $140 billion while expressly prohibiting the federal government from using its bargaining power to bring lower prescription prices to Americans.

Their energy "reform" would reward the big gas and oil companies and despoil our environment while doing nothing to develop alternative energy sources or stem our dangerous and growing energy dependence.

Now comes a Social Security "reform" that would cut benefits by forty percent and increase the national debt by another $2 trillion. This so-called reform would replace Social Security's guaranteed retirement benefit with a guaranteed fee for Wall Street.

It is up to us as Democrats to unmask these phony Republican reforms that benefit the special interests over the public interest. It is up to us as Democrats to counter with true reforms that set the right priorities for American families.

Even as I write this, we are hard at work in taking this battle of ideas to voters across the country. Beyond fundraising and recruiting top candidates, we have begun an aggressive program of confronting vulnerable Republicans on the disconnect between their rhetoric and their records. By offering an aggressive agenda, raising money, recruiting solid candidates, and just plain, old-fashioned hard work, we will recapture a Democratic House majority in 2006.

All of this will be accomplished on the shoulders of my good friend, Bob Matsui. It is with a heavy heart that I seek to fill his enormous shoes. While Bob cannot be replaced, I pledge to continue his good work as I attempt to live up to his high standard.

Thank you for your loyal support, and I look forward to working closely with you this year.

Rahm Emanuel

P.S. - Nothing is more important to me than all of you who work so hard on grassroots outreach. Please take a minute to fill out this user survey to let us know what your interests are and how we can improve our communication with you. Please visit to give us your feedback. Thanks again!

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Monday, January 24, 2005

Fwd: New endorsements roll in for Simon

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Simon For Chair
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2005 19:24:43 GMT
Subject: New endorsements roll in for Simon
To: automat blog

Simon's momentum keeps building as new endorsements roll in from top
Democratic elected leaders all over the country. As he heads into the
West caucus in Sacramento tomorrow, Simon has garnered the support of:

former Alabama Governor Don Seigelman
Ohio House Minority Leader Chris Redfern
San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris
San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera

These newest endorsements join a long list of Democratic officials,
strategists and party leaders from across the country who are backing
Simon, including former DNC Chair Joe Andrew, former Dean Campaign
Manager Joe Trippi and former Clinton and Kerry spokesman Mike

At the same time, Simon continues to lead the field in support from
the blogosphere, showing his deep roots in Internet politics and the
new world of online organizing. Bloggers from around the country have
expressed their support for Simon, including: Matthew Yglesias,
Praktike, Stirling Newberry, Red All Over, Talking Donkeys, Tom
Schaller, David Alpert, Minipundit, BOPnews, Greg's Opinion, The
Kentucky Democrat, Safe as Houses, The Stinging Nettle, Upper Left,
Zach Rosen, Alex Urevick, Perspectives, Demwatch, Bay to the Beltway,
Florida News, and Kit Robinson.

For a sampling of what just one of the bloggers is saying, check out
the article below:

A Democrat who can Beat the RNC's Mehlman at his own Game

By Kit Robinson

Ken Mehlman, considered by many to be the real Svengali behind the
masterful GOP 2004 ground and air game, has officially taken the reins
of the RNC and by the sound of things, the Republican party.

To those Dems who are currently debating the appropriate scope of the
next DNC Chair's job description, a perusal of Mehlman's ambitious and
rather sweeping agenda should give them pause and much food for
thought. From the AP's Ron Fournier:

Accepting the chairmanship on the eve of Bush's inauguration,
he said the party must take four steps to "cement these victories into
a durable Republican majority:"
Enact the president's agenda, including fighting terrorism, revamping
Social Security (news - web sites), changing the tax code and
appointing "strict constructionists to the courts."

Institutionalize the GOP's 2004 grass-roots operation, which most
experts believe was far better than the Democrats'.

Recruit quality candidates for the 2005 and 2006 elections. He also
urged RNC members to start focusing on the 2008 presidential campaign
and, further down the road, the 2011 redistricting process.

Use the GOP agenda to court new voters: Blacks through school voucher
initiatives, young voters through Social Security changes and
Hispanics through efforts to limit legal liability.

As for conservatives, he said, "When we debate who should sit
on the judiciary, we have an opportunity to deepen the GOP by
registering to vote men and women who attend church every week but
aren't yet registered voters."

Activists in both parties are watching to see whether Bush
will continue to push a conservative agenda or move to the political
center. Mehlman seemed to suggest that Bush didn't need to make a
choice, that he would appeal to a wide spectrum of voters.

Wow. If what the opposition's up to holds any weight, then this
commentator thinks we indeed need more than just glorified fund raiser
at the DNC helm. The Dems need a strategist, nay, a visionary now more
than ever. And to have any hope of matching the RNC's game plan, that
visionary must also sport cutting edge technical, media and organizing
skills. A tall order indeed.

Just as the DNC race has begun to tighten, though not yet gel, we hear
from no less than Donna Brazille that one or more additional hats may
yet be thrown into the ring. That's fine. That's democracy. But given
the critical and immediate needs of the Democrats, courtesy of the
political headlock so skillfully applied by the Rove/Mehlman tag team
combination, I believe there's already a contender that has the
resume, skills and attitude for the job. Simon Rosenberg.

Sorry Donnie Fowler. You're my sentimental favorite, and I think in
any other time or situation in Dem Party history you'd be a fantastic
Chair. But this is not just any time or situation. It's crunch time.
And we Dems need a serious plan. Simon just happens to be the man with
it at this juncture.

They say leaders aren't born, they're made. The circumstances do
indeed define the characteristics that serve to make a leader. At this
crossroads for our party, I believe we have one right in front of us.

The Ringmaster's officially off the fence. Simon Rosenberg for DNC Chair.


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Thursday, January 20, 2005

The Best Way to "Honor" Bush's Re-Inaugural: Keep Fighting!

From: Rep. Nancy Pelosi
Date: 20 Jan 2005 06:29:50 PST
Subject: The Best Way to "Honor" Bush's Re-Inaugural: Keep Fighting!

Dear Automat,

Conservatives have gathered in the nation's capital to celebrate
George W. Bush's re-inaugural. And what, exactly, do you think they're

That President Bush and his Republican Congress will soon have run
this country so deep into debt that it will take generations to repair
the damage? Or is it the fact that President Bush has publicly
promised that no one will be held accountable for the mess in Iraq,
despite mass deception about weapons of mass destruction, and despite
the fact that we have lost more than 1,500 heroic soldiers with more
than 10,000 wounded?

Personally, I don't feel much like celebrating. So I'm going to mark
the occasion by pledging to do everything in my power to fight the
extremist Republican's destructive agenda.

I encourage you to do the same by supporting the Democratic
Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) for 2005. Please make a secure
online contribution right now to tell President Bush that party time
is over.

We urgently need your support if we are to make sure that the
Republicans never get to "celebrate" the death of Social Security -
one of the most successful government programs in U.S. history that
has kept millions and millions of seniors out of poverty.

President Bush and radical Republicans in Congress have already begun
the drive to privatize Social Security. We cannot allow them to
destroy the foundation of a safe, secure retirement. In their
arrogance, the Republicans have even admitted that their privatization
scheme will necessarily mean cuts in benefits. It will also add
TRILLIONS of dollars to the deficit!

Please contribute now to support the DCCC as we work full-time to save
Social Security and change the balance of power in Congress with the
2006 mid-term elections.

People need to understand that these Republicans don't care about
fairness or opportunity or even accountability. And they certainly
don't care about the fundamental needs of most Americans. With your
support, the DCCC will get the out the truth about George W. Bush's
uncaring agenda for America.

Together we can work to change the balance of power in Congress with
the mid-term elections. Together we can get out the facts about
President George W. Bush's radical, uncaring agenda and promote the
truth about values in this country.

Please stand with us by contributing to the DCCC online today. We need
to have you back in the fight.

Democrats in Congress will be fighting the hard fights every day to
protect the fundamental rights and needs of all Americans. I hope you
will be standing with us.

With my sincere gratitude for your generous support and actions over
the past year,

Nancy Pelosi
House Democratic Leader

P.S. -- While George W. Bush and his radical congressional allies are
partying in D.C., you and I need to work even harder. We Democrats are
united in our belief that President Bush is leading our country in the
wrong direction. Only the continued efforts of all of us working
together can prevent the worst from happening. Please act today for
the future of America.

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The Choice We Face

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Joe Trippi, Simon For Chair
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2005 17:46:18 GMT
Subject: The Choice We Face

Dear Automat,

If our party is looking for answers in the race for DNC chair, we need
to make sure we are asking the right questions. Some ask "should we
move left or right?" or "should we focus on the Internet or build up
the state parties?" Others want to know where each of the party's many
disparate interests fit in. To me, the most important question is
simple: which candidate can best unify our big tent party and build a
competitive apparatus that will win elections and defeat the
Republicans? Having known and worked closely with several of these
candidates in the past, there is no doubt in my mind that the answer
is Simon Rosenberg.

As the race narrows to a handful of real front-runners, some of the
other candidates might answer part of the question. One offers a new
style of campaigning that uses the Internet and technology to build
the grassroots – but many in the party may not unify behind him.
Another offers a record of red state experience – but without
experience using the Internet and the newest tools to fight on the new
21st century battleground against a sophisticated Republican political
and media machine. We may get one or the other with these choices, but
we will never meet the challenges we face as a party if we do not
approach them united behind a common strategy and a common vision.

Simon Rosenberg is the complete package who brings both strengths to
the table, unifying our party from each end of the spectrum behind a
winning strategy and a record of vision and experience. As someone who
has worked with the netroots, I know Simon is a candidate who can
bridge both worlds and is someone who the netroots can work with to
build a stronger party. More than any other leader in the Democratic
party today, he combines a deep understanding and roots in Internet
politics with a long record of winning the hard races in tough places
around the country.

Simon knows that in the age of the Internet, our politics must be
interactive and participatory, and that we must use the Internet not
as an ATM for candidates and parties, but as a tool for bringing in
millions of Americans who want to be part of the political process. As
his many endorsements from key bloggers and leaders in the world of
Internet politics show, Simon knows that the netroots have to be
included to make our party successful, and he will makes sure their
voice is heard. He knows too what it takes to compete and win in all
fifty states, and has a record of producing winning strategy, backing
candidates up and down the ballot in all parts of the country, and
crafting a message that speaks to all Americans in a way that embraces
the very best of Democratic values. It's a record that has also
brought Simon endorsements from elected officials from across the
country who know what it takes to run in the hard races in tough

To win in the 21st century, our party must practice 21st century
politics, and we can only do that if we unify our party's interests
and talents and build the organization we need to win. Simon Rosenberg
is the only candidate who can do it. He has the vision, the
experience, and the passion we need to move our party not left or
right, not South or West or North, not online or offline, only

I hope you will visit Simon's campaign website at to learn more about his campaign, and join me in
supporting Simon Rosenberg for chair.

Thank you,
Joe Trippi


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777 North Capitol Street NE, Suite 410-B
Washington, DC 20002

I'm not going to back down

--------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Barbara Boxer
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2005 03:40:25 GMT
Subject: I'm not going to back down

Dear Automat,

This morning I entered the Senate hearing room with a wonderful
feeling, knowing that over 40,000 of you stood behind me as I sought
to hold Condoleezza Rice accountable for her many actions leading up
to the war in Iraq and beyond. I talked about your support during my
opening statement. And knowing you were with me gave me the energy I
needed to keep fighting for the truth.

I hope you had a chance to watch some of Condoleezza Rice's
confirmation hearings today. Because if you did, I'm sure you'll
share my feelings.

I'm disappointed and I'm frustrated, because I don't think Dr. Rice
has been forthcoming in our quest for the truth. Time after time, Dr.
Rice had the opportunity to set the record straight on many issues.
And, on issue after issue, she failed to do so.

She failed to set the record straight on the hyped-up nuclear threat
leading up to the war on Iraq; she failed to do it on the total number
of trained Iraqi security forces, which is key to the Administration's
exit strategy there; she failed to do it on her misstatements about Al
Qaida operating in Iraq; and she failed to do it on the U.S. policy
regarding torture. This last issue is the most troubling one, as it
was clearly demonstrated that while Dr. Rice speaks out against
torture, she actually personally intervened to kill an anti-torture
provision in a recent intelligence bill.

So, I'm not going to back down -- I'm going to keep asking the tough
questions, illuminating the many inconsistencies, falsehoods, and
disturbing revelations in Dr. Rice's previous statements about Iraq,
the war on terrorism, and the use of torture -- holding her
accountable for the failures of our foreign policy.

Now, in these final hours before our committee votes on Condoleezza
Rice's confirmation, you have one last opportunity to make your voice
heard in this process. Demonstrate to Dr. Rice and the United States
Senate your dissatisfaction with her lack of candor. Help me demand
the truth and hold Condoleezza Rice accountable.

Tell your friends, family, and colleagues to
sign my petition today -– in these final hours before the confirmation
hearings conclude.
Thank you so much for standing with me in this fight for the truth. I
can't tell you how much I value your friendship and support.


Barbara Boxer
U.S. Senator

Please encourage everyone you have to sign our petition in these final
hours before Condoleezza Rice's confirmation hearings conclude!

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Welcome to Simon For Chair

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Subject: Welcome to Simon For Chair

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Theo Yedinsky
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Simon for Chair

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My vote against the Rice nomination

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From: John Kerry
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2005 22:06:21 -0500
Subject: My vote against the Rice nomination


Earlier today, I voted in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee
against the nomination of Dr. Condoleezza Rice for Secretary of State.
This vote is an expression of my determination that we hold the Bush
administration accountable.

Dr. Rice is a principal architect, implementer, and defender of a
series of Administration policies that have not made our country as
secure as we should be and have alienated much-needed allies in our
common cause of winning the war against terrorism. Regrettably, I did
not see in Dr. Rice's testimony before our committee any
acknowledgment of the need to change course or of a new vision for
America's role in the world.

On Iraq, on North Korea, on Iran, to name just a few of the most
critical challenges, it seems to be more of the same. I hope I am
proven wrong. I hope the course will change. And I hope that the
Administration will recognize the strength of a foreign policy that
has bipartisan support.

I am prepared to work with Dr. Rice and others in the Administration
to try to reach agreement on policies that will truly strengthen our
security and restore America's credibility on the world stage. And I
am confident colleagues on both sides of the aisle are prepared to do
so as well.

But, we've got to remain firm in our insistence that those who create
policies that don't work have the courage to admit their mistakes and
the wisdom to change course. Our community has been
expressing that determination in huge numbers.

Over 700,000 people have called on President Bush to fire Donald
Rumsfeld as Secretary of Defense.

If you haven't signed the Rumsfeld petition, please do so immediately.

And, please forward the petition right now to friends and colleagues,
urging them to join in this effort.

I know you share my strong convictions on the importance of holding
the President and his Cabinet accountable. I pledge to you that I will
not yield in this effort. Let's keep working together. America's
future is at stake.


John Kerry

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