Tuesday, October 18, 2005

America is waiting for us

Dear automat,

Republicans have become so incompetent, so out of control and so unbelievably corrupt that no amount of spin can cover it up. The fact is, we're witnessing a dramatic reversal in national politics. If we seize this opportunity, we can change history.

Everyone can see what Republican Leader Tom Delay did when he wanted more Republicans in Congress. He's been indicted for laundering more than $170,000 in corporate money to gerrymander six Congressional seats away from Democrats.

That's what the Republican money-for-influence machine is about -- special interest money to fund Republican officials who will make sure that contributors get a return on their investment.

We do things differently. So let's prove it. Tom DeLay is set to be arraigned in a Texas court on Friday -- let's raise twice the amount he's accused of laundering, and let's do it in grassroots donations.

Show America that ordinary people have the power to raise $2 for every $1 Tom Delay can launder. Make a contribution and fight Republican corruption:


The corruption in Washington has gotten so bad that even Republicans can't stomach Republicans any longer. One GOP Congressman told Howard Fineman of Newsweek that the Republican leadership "has become ossified and hopelessly out of touch ... They only care about one thing, hanging onto their own power. I'm not ready to take them on, at least not yet, not unless I have to!"

He may not be ready to take on the corrupt Republican leadership -- but we are.

Wishing won't drive them out of office -- but strong Democratic candidates and a ground operation in every single state will. It's up to each of us to be a part of the alternative to failed Republican leadership. That's why the Democratic Party needs your financial support right now for our all-out candidate recruitment and organizing drive:


There is a wave of change coming, and Republicans are battling against frustration from average voters and disappointment from their fringe extremist base.

The only limits on our potential are the number of strong Democratic candidates who step forward to run in key contests, and our ability to turn out the vote in every single precinct in America. Your dollars build something that hasn't existed in decades -- a Democratic organizing and communications infrastructure in every state.

Part of my job is to make sure that we have those candidates and that truly national organization in place. Our strength -- to potential candidates and to voters -- is that our promise of change is backed up by millions of committed people like you who will do whatever it takes to carry Democrats to victory.

Please make a contribution now to show that ordinary people have the power to drive Democratic victory:


Republicans are having serious problems convincing people to run for office defending the GOP's incompetence, corruption and cronyism. The Washington Post reports serious worries in the Republican establishment over their recruitment failures.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Party is growing -- our slate of solid candidates continues to expand, and our 50-state strategy of putting organizers in every state continues to attract top talent everywhere.

With a serious push now -- in enough time to build a powerful party structure that will last beyond a single election cycle -- we can reshape the electoral landscape in 2006 and beyond.

Let's hit $340,000 by Friday:


The future begins today -- America can do better, and the Democratic Party is the vehicle for change.

Here at Democratic Headquarters, everyone knows that you -- not special interests -- are in the driver's seat.

Thank you,

Tom McMahon
Executive Director
Democratic National Committee

P.S. -- A group of donors committed to a broad fundraising base has committed to matching every dollar raised between now and October 21. Every dollar contributed today will be matched -- so, doubling Tom DeLay's dirty money actually means quadrupling it to more than half a million dollars. This is a fantastic time to make a donation -- be part of the action by clicking here: http://www.democrats.org/doubledelay

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