Tuesday, April 25, 2006

50-State Canvass: Final Push

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I can't express to you how exciting it is to see a truly national party coming together.

Over 1,000 Neighbor-to-Neighbor Organizing Day events have been scheduled from Montana (30 local canvass events) to Florida (57 local canvass events), and the expected turnout is growing every day.

Last night we fielded calls from several of the state parties asking for still more literature to put in the hands of volunteers on April 29th. We've already printed 750,000 of the door-hangers thanks to your support -- but the ground operations in the states report that they need more.

There's still time for a last-minute print run to get another 250,000 pieces out into the states for distribution this Saturday. Every $50 means another 233 pieces of literature, and another 233 conversations between volunteers and their neighbors this Saturday.

Can you make last-minute donation in the next 24 hours so that the Democratic Party can knock on 1 million doors?


Some of these 50-State Canvass events are run by the over 150 organizers we've put into the field to build our party. Others are run by campaigns for various levels of office, which will have their own literature to hand out on top of the door-hangers you created. Still others are run by grassroots volunteers who are taking the future of our party into their own hands and getting out in their communities.

But the most exciting of these events are the ones where all three of those elements come together. This project has seen historic cooperation between Democrats at every level of the party and at every level of political experience. For example:

  • In Arizona (29 events) the state party and grassroots volunteers will also be carrying official petitions to get Democrats on the ballot for every level of office in the state.
  • In Ohio (78 events) the state and county parties have put together coordinating teams to cover the most ground, and everyone from statewide candidates to bloggers to Iraq veteran Paul Hackett has been promoting what will be the final weekend of GOTV contact before the May 2 primary elections.
  • In Oregon (also 29 events) Democrats poised to take back the state legislature will be targeting specific legislative districts where turnout will decide the election this fall, led by organizers you put on the ground and supported by a strong grassroots volunteer base.

These are just a few of the unprecedented efforts happening on April 29th -- a national operation you made possible.

You can get the latest about events in your area by plugging in your zip code here:


Governor Dean will be knocking on doors with a local county party in North Carolina this Saturday. Statewide elected officials and Democratic challengers everywhere will be out in their communities. Tens of thousands of Democrats will be reaching out to have a conversation about the future of our country with their neighbors.

Where will you be?


Tom McMahon
Executive Director
Democratic National Committee

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