Monday, May 01, 2006

Photos from this weekend

The Democratic Party

Dear automat,

I wanted to pass along to you a few testimonials and photos from volunteers like you who were out in force this weekend:

This past Saturday, in over 1,000 communities across the country, Democratic volunteers had over 1 million conversations with their neighbors about the future of our country. Our candidates for every level of office, both incumbents and challengers, joined experienced canvassers and first-time volunteers in an unprecedented day of national action.

Together we're doing something extraordinary -- integrating our party operations from the precinct level up, and using technology to open our party up to ordinary Americans who want to be part of the change we desperately need in this country.

If you took part in the canvass (or want to tell us why you didn't) please take the time to fill out this short survey:

Thank you, and stay tuned for the next big step in on the road to victory in 2006 and beyond.

Governor Howard Dean, M.D.

P.S. -- Because of the California State Convention, the California Democratic Party is holding official canvassing events on May 13. If you're interested in attending one of these events, call them at 916-442-5707.

Also, below are few of the testimonials from volunteers that you'll find on the April 29th photos page:

Virginia: "It was great! We had 8 in all, four seasoned canvassers and four college students who had not canvassed before. We paired up and had a great experience. Got some names of interested volunteers and generally felt we had pretty good results for a mostly Republican area."

North Carolina: "We had 6 volunteers cover many of the streets in our precinct. I am the Precinct chair, we got organized in 2005, and this is a great leap forward in building our precinct committee. With the voter stats from the walk list, we will be able to tell if our efforts made a difference street by street. I put together a local flyer with a sample of the ballot we will use on Tuesday's election, and which candidates got endorsements from the local progressive groups. Many of the people we talked with were appreciative, and will be using our guideline at the polls."

Ohio: "Today was a huge success. Targeted precincts were canvassed. Hundreds of Dems were touched personally for the first time in years and dozens of those signed up to volunteer efforts for the coming Election season. Watch us grow in Southwest Ohio!"

You can read more here:

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