Thursday, May 11, 2006

Take Action for Lower Gas Prices

The Democratic Party
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As gas prices rose to above $3 a gallon last week, President Bush, his Administration officials, and their Senate allies came out in full force to do damage control. They know their jobs and their far-right agenda are at stake this November. In a hasty attempt to appease voters, Senator Frist proposed a $100 rebate financed by changing an accounting loophole that allows the oil and gas industry to pay lower taxes. His own party members balked at the overt pandering to voters, with Senator Conrad of Montana saying, "there're some dumb ideas in this." [Houston Chronicle, 4/29/06] But it was heavy pressure from Big Oil that ultimately drove Senator Frist to retreat from the plan.

While Washington Republicans flip flop, waste time, and coddle their Big Oil friends, Senate Democrats are fighting for direct and immediate relief to working families. Last week, Senator Menendez proposed an amendment that would eliminate the federal gas tax for 60 days, providing $6 billion in direct relief to consumers. With the Republicans in control of the Senate agenda, we need all hands on deck to get this amendment passed. That's why I have asked the DSCC to help collect citizen co-sponsors for the Menendez amendment. Washington Republicans listened to their Big Oil friends this week. Now it's time they hear from you. Please show your support for the Menendez amendment by signing the citizen petition today.

Become a citizen co-sponsor of the Menendez gas tax relief amendment today by visiting:

Senator Frist's latest move shows that once again, every time Washington Republicans claim to be taking action on gas prices, they are really taking action to protect oil industry profits. Election Day is just six months away and the Republicans are counting on their old oil industry friends to raise money for their candidates and keep their control over the Washington agenda -- an agenda that has taken power away from the people, made America less secure, and driven up profits for Big Oil at the expense of middle class families.

The majority of the Senate is up for grabs this November and the oil and gas industry is working over-time to keep their Republican friends in power. It's no surprise that the top recipients of oil and gas campaign contributions this cycle include candidates in some of the most hotly-contested Senate races: Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania, Conrad Burns of Montana, George Allen of Virginia, Jim Talent of Missouri, Jon Kyl of Arizona, and Mike DeWine of Ohio.

The voice of the oil industry is heard loud and clear in Republican-controlled Washington. From secret White House meetings with Texas oilmen George W. Bush and Dick Cheney to closed door sessions writing energy legislation on Capitol Hill. Now, we need your voice to be heard.

Please help me reach my goal of 50,000 signatures by signing the citizen petition supporting the Menendez amendment today.

Become a citizen co-sponsor of the Menendez gas tax relief amendment today by visiting:

The cost of middle class living has skyrocketed to unacceptable levels during the Bush presidency and it's time for a new direction. With your help, we'll put the country back on track this November.

Right now, my Senate Democratic colleagues and I are doing all we can to get tough on the oil industry and provide direct relief to working families. Please help us pass Democratic legislation that will provide direct and immediate gas price relief to working families by signing the citizen petition today.

Become a citizen co-sponsor of the Menendez gas tax relief amendment today by visiting:

Senator Harry Reid

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