Thursday, November 02, 2006

Call for Change: It's too close not to call

Dear Friend,


Got a phone? Then you have what you need to tip this election over the top.

We're in a dead heat, with more races up for grabs than anyone thought possible. But there are millions of people out there -- people who share our concerns about the war in Iraq and the Republicans' failures here at home -- who aren't yet planning to vote.

Our friends at Political Action have a plan to make sure that everyone who's hungry for change gets to the polls. They've taken the voter lists from the most important races in the country and found infrequent voters who are likely to vote for Democrats if we can get them to the polls. It's all online with a simple tool that makes it easy to call these key voters. They're aiming to make over a million of these turnout calls in the next 5 days -- and with races being decided by as little as a hundred votes, your participation could make all the difference.

MoveOn has urgently asked the community for help reaching these crucial voters in these final days and hours. Can you take some time this weekend and next Tuesday to make some calls to unlikely voters?

Sign up to bring your cell phone and make calls in good company from a "calling party."

Or sign up to make calls from home.

Wondering if these calls are effective? We did too. It turns out that, working with a top Yale researcher, MoveOn actually tested this program in a primary election this spring. These calls had a huge, measurable impact on voter turnout -- hearing from real people like you means a lot more to potential voters than hearing from a paid staff member who speaks in a monotone.

And there's something else important going on here. For decades, politics has been dominated by big money and lots of ads. But thanks to folks like you, all that is changing. And this year, the winning margin could come from real, person-to-person contact -- not some Swift Boat-style smear campaign.

One week from now, we will have a historic opportunity to make change -- to finally hold this administration accountable and turn this country around. But to do it, we'll all need to pitch in. Can you join MoveOn's "Call for Change" effort and help make it happen?

Sign up to bring your cell phone and make calls in good company from a "calling party."

Or sign up to make calls from home.

Two years ago, an unprecedented number of Americans voted for my campaign for change. Next week, if we can help get those folks out to vote again, we'll win. Thank you for joining this important effort.


John Kerry

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Is Genghis John the Khan Kerry going to tell us again how the members of our Armed Forces are all the scum of the earth who are in Iraq because they couldn't get through our educational system (even though plenty are Reservists and National Guardsmen who left comfortable civilian jobs for Iraq's sunny clime and terrorists)? Is Kerry going to help the enemy recruit more terrorists by proclaiming that our people are "terrorizing" Iraqis?

Remember, John Kerry says he is a war criminal. That is one of the few things he says that I believe.

Is going to remind us again how Jews control all the media, Tom Lantos is a "whiny, arrogant Jew," "The Catholics are raping your children," and African-American soldiers are all potential mutineers who should be segregated and disarmed? Comments like these were welcomed at MoveOn's Action Forum ("Hate Speech in Action") where they garnered overwhelming approval from the other participants.
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