Tuesday, July 17, 2007

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It's going to be a long night for the U.S. Senate.

Senate Republicans are threatening to filibuster a bill by Senators Levin and Reed that would require President Bush to begin troop withdrawal within 120 days, with most coming home by April 2008.

But Senator Majority Leader Reid has decided that he's not going to let them just make a threat and walk away -- he's going to make them stand up in front of the American people and show them just how much they want to stay in Iraq. A few Republicans have started to say the right things, but we don't know whether they actually have the backbone to stand with the American people and vote the right way, and the threat of a filibuster gives them all the cover they need.

Now, let's not kid ourselves: they can filibuster, and we probably won't have the votes to stop them. But if Senate Republicans are against ending the war, then they should show it by voting against the legislation -- a straight-up-and-down vote on a bill that the majority of Americans support. That's how a democratic government works.

Instead, they're threatening to block the vote, and we're going to force them to explain themselves in front of the American people.

So let's show Senator Reid that we're united behind him. We've created a simple tool that will let you write a letter and fax it to your Senators instantly -- you can let them know all night long just how much opposition there is to the war in Iraq.

Send your Senators a message right now:


A handful of Republicans loyal to President Bush plan to block the bill even though a similar version passed in the House by a 223-201 margin last week. Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said Friday that we need to give the troop escalation time because it is just beginning to "show signs of military success." But how many times have we heard something like that in the last five years?

As Senator Reid said yesterday:

"Republicans are using a filibuster to block us from even voting on an amendment that could bring the war to a responsible end. They are protecting the President rather than protecting our troops.

"They are denying us an up or down -- yes or no -- vote on the most important issue our country faces.

"I would like to inform the Republican leadership and all my colleagues that we have no intention of backing down."

Tell your Senator that you're not going to back down either:


Since the American people put Democrats back in charge of Congress, the Republican minority has resorted to obstructionism and political games to block any responsible progress toward ending the war in Iraq. Now they're refusing to even allow a vote on bringing the troops home.

For the first six years of George Bush's presidency, the Republican majority in Congress failed this country. They had their chance to make their case to continue the war in Iraq, and the American people didn't buy it.

Now it's your chance to make the case. Tell your Senators to pass the Levin-Reed amendment and bring the troops home:


Thanks for all that you do,

Gov. Howard Dean, M.D.

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