Thursday, August 16, 2007

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The Democratic Party
Thank you

Dear automat,

I want to do something special for all of our 50-State Strategy organizers, but I need your help.

This week, our entire national field staff is meeting in Cleveland, Ohio for intensive training in preparation for elections ahead. These are the same staff members who worked in every state in 2006 to deliver our unprecedented victories up and down the ballot in your state -- and will be heading back to the field to prepare for 2007, 2008 and beyond.

Can you send them a note of thanks and encouragement for the work ahead?

Imagine the look on our field organizers' faces when thousands of "Thank-You's" and "Go Get 'Em's" land on their desks from the communities they work in every day. I guarantee they'll read every one.

Organizing can be lonely work -- especially when you're pioneering territory the Party hasn't targeted for decades -- but these Democrats are up to the challenge. They share Governor Dean's fighting spirit and conviction that Democrats must build an infrastructure to compete in every state -- including your state.

These organizers are taking concrete steps to make sure our state parties and campaigns have the tools and training they need to persuade voters, organize core Democratic constituencies, and mobilize supporters. That's how we'll win in 2008: training the troops, building the precinct programs, and implementing it with winning technology and tactics.

But more than that, our organizers are building the types of relationships with local candidates and activists that our people-powered Party requires.

Now you can connect with these front-line Democrats and show them that we are all in this together:

Gov. Dean said it best: "Election by election, state by state, precinct by precinct, door by door, vote by vote...we're going to lift our Party up and take this country back for the people who built it."

We're lifting our Party up on the backs of dedicated Democrats like these organizers. Let them know how much you appreciate it.


Tom McMahon
DNC Executive Director

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