Monday, August 27, 2007

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Dear automat,

George Bush's right-hand man at the Justice Department, Alberto Gonzales, just resigned.

When the US Attorney scandal first broke in March, I told you that this scandal could be George Bush's Watergate. We're still trying to learn just what George Bush, Karl Rove and Alberto Gonzales knew about the political purge of eight US Attorneys -- and when they knew it.

But even though Karl Rove and Alberto Gonzales are gone, the investigation must continue. The problems at the Justice Department -- using federal prosecutors to smear Democratic opponents and suppress Democratic votes -- haven't stopped.

Make a contribution to the Democratic Party, and help us send a message -- that we're not going to stop until we win the White House back in 2008:

President Bush's White House appears to be falling apart -- but more work still needs to be done.

Alberto Gonzales, Karl Rove, George Bush, and their Republican cronies still haven't admitted any of their failures. The Attorney General scandal. Hurricane Katrina. The Iraq War. These problems won't get fixed by resignations.

While the Bush Administration tries to shuffle around their cronies into newly vacant positions, the Democratic Party is building a sustainable party organization to show every single one of them the door in 2008. Please help make it possible.

Our organizers in all 50 states have already started an unprecedented voter protection effort. We're talking to every election official in every precinct, making sure we identify potential problems before they happen.

Now our organizers will also keep up the heat on Republican Senators, telling them that we still want answers from Alberto Gonzales about voting rights and the scandal at the Justice Department. If the Bush administration won't take action -- we will.

Please support our work, and send a message to the Bush administration -- this doesn't stop with a resignation. It isn't over yet.


Tom McMahon
DNC Executive Director

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