Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Voting Republican

Dear automat,

The Michigan Primary may be over, but Republicans aren't any closer to settling on a nominee.

Last night, Mitt Romney beat John McCain and the rest of the Republican candidates in Michigan, securing his first major victory of the primary season. Now three different candidates have won the first four Republican primaries and caucuses -- and Republicans remain confused and divided.  But most of all, historically low voter turnout at the Republican primaries shows just how demoralized the Party's faithful have become.

You see, unlike the Democrats, Republicans aren't split because of an abundance of good choices. They're divided because none of their candidates are what they're looking for.

So let's fill in the gap and pick a nominee for them.  Vote in the 2008 Democratic Party Republican Straw Poll, and let us know which presidential candidate best represents the values of the Republican Party:

It's easy to understand why the Republicans can't pick a candidate. The more voters learn about Mitt Romney, John McCain, Mike Huckabee and Rudy Giuliani, the less they like their choices.

All the Democratic candidates want to restore our country's priorities and give America's families much-needed relief during tough economic times. The major Republican candidates want to continue Bush's failed economic policies.

All the Democratic candidates want to ensure that no child goes without health insurance. Just like George Bush, the Republican candidates would continue to veto children's health care.

Every Democratic candidate wants to end the war in Iraq.  Yet when it comes to bringing the troops home from a war less than 40% of Americans think was the right thing to do, the major Republican candidates refuse to part ways with the President.

Even some of the staunchest Republican supporters know that we don't need a third Bush term to fix the issues that Americans care about. That's why they aren't showing up at the polls, and that's why they can't decide on a frontrunner.

Since Republicans can't seem to get the vote out, let's help them with their decision. Which candidate best represents the Republican Party?

After you've voted, be sure to forward the link to every Democrat you know - let's help Republicans make up their minds.

Thanks for voting,

Tom McMahon

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