Thursday, February 28, 2008

Keep it up

The Democratic Party

Dear automat,

We've had John McCain on the defensive all week. Keep it up.It's been a bad week for John McCain -- and it's only going to get worse.

First, we filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission on Monday. Then thousands of Americans stood up and signed their support for an investigation into McCain's rejection of the law he agreed to when he asked for federal matching funds. Many of you spread it through your personal networks, making sure your friends knew about this startling story.

Now McCain and the lobbyists who work for him have scrambled into action, trying to obscure the facts and hoping that the public wouldn't pay attention.

Thanks to our efforts and grassroots action across the country, this story just won't go away -- we've had him on the defensive all week. Could it be that Americans are tired of leaders who think they're above the law?

It's time to step up the pressure. People are starting to learn about the real John McCain: a "reformer" who breaks the very rules he wrote and "maverick" who surrounds himself with corporate lobbyists.

Donations for people like you help us pay for the critical legal, organizing and communications efforts -- but we need to keep it going. While Sen. Clinton and Sen. Obama campaign across the country, we're responsible for making sure John McCain doesn't get ahead. Contribute today and make sure the American people get the truth: 

New York Times: "Did Senator John McCain of Arizona benefit unfairly from rules that automatically placed him on the ballot in Ohio once he qualified for public campaign financing?"

Conservative George Will referred to McCain as a "situational ethicist."

Even the right-wing American Spectator admits that Governor Dean has a point:

So conservatives who enjoy seeing McCain suffer a campaign finance-induced headache are in the unenviable position of siding with DNC chairman Howard Dean.

Bet they love that!

John McCain is proving to be no different from the swift-boating, vote-suppressing Republicans of years past. That's why we have to hit him hard and hit him fast now, before his campaign has the chance to pick up more momentum. From proving him wrong when he said he was doing "exactly what Howard Dean did," to showing how he used his federal funding to get on the ballot in places like Kentucky, we're not letting John McCain off the hook.

Both Sen. Clinton and Sen. Obama will need the full support and resources that the Democratic Party has to offer to stand up to John McCain. Contribute $20 or $100 today:

John McCain has worked hard on the campaign trail to portray himself as a "maverick" in Washington. But it's becoming clearer and clearer that a McCain presidency would just offer a third Bush term.

He has another reason to be worried: While his campaign struggles to get on its feet, Americans are embracing Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Democrats have record voter turnout and record fundraising numbers all across the country.

Our Party will have the candidate, organization, and resources we need to keep John McCain on defense now through November.

Do your part to secure a Democratic White House in 2008. Make a donation now:

Thanks for everything,

Tom McMahon

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