Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Behind closed doors

The Democratic Party

Dear automat,

George Bush fundraised for John McCain last night. Fight back!Last night, John McCain and George Bush got together behind closed doors in Phoenix. They're hoping to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Republican Party without any scrutiny.

This is the same John McCain who is trying to convince the American people he's "Mr. Reformer" when it comes to campaign financing. But when it comes to raising millions for his campaign, he's falling all over himself to have George Bush as his best friend.

John McCain and the Republican National Committee are desperately working to get as much in the bank as they can before we have a nominee. They see the writing on the wall -- they know time is running out.

John McCain knows he needs George Bush for the money, and George Bush needs John McCain for his legacy. The McCain campaign had the fundraiser closed to the press to avoid any incriminating photos, but we know what's going on.

Help us send a message to John McCain telling him we're not fooled. He can run, but we're not going to let him hide:

Your support means we can strengthen our field efforts in every state and ensures we have the organization in place for our nominee from day one.

A contribution from you today will show John McCain he's on borrowed time:

With your help, we can make sure our party is in the best shape ever to compete with the Republicans across the country.

Thanks for your support.

Tom McMahon

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