Friday, January 16, 2009

Answering your questions

The Democratic Party
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Thousands of you submitted your questions about the future of our party.

You asked about fighting for jobs, reaching across the aisle to solve the economic crisis, and how we're going to keep competing in all 50 states.

You also shared your words of encouragement and asked for more details about my vision for the Democratic Party.

There were so many questions, so we selected a bunch that reflect the wide range of topics you asked about.

Please watch a video I recorded to answer your questions.

Watch the video

Chairman Howard Dean set an outstanding example, and I look forward to building on his success.

I'm committed to organizing and building our party in every corner of the country. At a time when we are facing so many challenges as a nation, we need to reach out and bring more people into the political process.

Engaged citizens like you are at the heart of the Democratic Party. Here are a few of the questions folks like you submitted:
  • Randy in Portland, Oregon, asked how the Democratic Party will take into account the Republicans who crossed over.

  • Jackie in Boise, Idaho, asked about investment by the DNC in "red states" like hers.

  • Tom in Warren, Michigan, asked what can be done to help salvage Americans' homes, jobs, and lives.
These are just a few of the folks we answered -- take some time and watch the video answering these questions and others submitted by Democrats across the country:

We've had some incredible success the past few years, especially in my home state of Virginia, where the electoral votes went to a Democratic presidential candidate for the first time in 44 years.

I hope you'll be there with me as we continue to change the electoral map and bring change to Washington.

Thank you,

Tim Kaine

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