Friday, January 09, 2009

Chairman Kaine

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Yesterday, I had the honor of introducing Virginia Governor Tim Kaine as the next Chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

We're in a strong position to build the Democratic Party, renew our commitment to the principles we share, and continue the outstanding work of Chairman Howard Dean.

Among his many achievements, Governor Dean launched a strategy to reach out to Americans in all 50 states -- north, south, east and west. This 50-state strategy helped Democrats compete in states where we hadn't in years, including states like Virginia.

Governor Kaine has seen the power of the 50-state strategy firsthand, and under his leadership, Democrats will continue to organize and compete in every corner of our country.

Share your question for incoming Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine -- he'll answer as many as possible in a video on

Tim is the ideal leader to grow and strengthen this party -- not by appealing to our divisions, but by appealing to our common hopes; not by pursuing policies that advance a specific dogma, but by pursuing policies that work for ordinary people.

As Governor of Virginia, Tim was known for his intelligence, integrity, and strong economic leadership.

He has a record of putting public service above partisanship, and he knows that reaching across party lines is the way to achieve progress for all Americans.

Over the next few days, you'll have a unique opportunity to get to know Governor Kaine. You can submit a question online, and he'll answer as many as possible in a special video next week.

Learn more about the future of the Democratic Party by submitting your question to Governor Kaine:

The success of our party in the years ahead depends on strong leadership, but it also depends on a committed membership determined to bring change.

Thank you for your hard work and please join me in welcoming Chairman Tim Kaine,


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