Saturday, May 16, 2009

Head-to-head with Michael Steele

The Democratic Party
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Tomorrow morning I'll go head-to-head in a debate with Republican Party Chairman Michael Steele on NBC's "Meet the Press," and I want to invite you to watch.

This is a great chance to show folks the difference between what our two parties have to offer the American people, and why President Obama and Democrats in Congress have the leadership we need to get our country back on track.

Check your local listings for the time and channel.

After the show is over, take a minute to let me know what you thought.

Also, if you have friends or family who have questions about where each party stands on important issues, tomorrow's conversation could be a good chance for them to see the difference. Please forward them this note, and pass on my personal invitation to watch.

By bringing more people into the Democratic Party, we can better advance the big goals we share -- like top-quality education, clean energy, and affordable health care for all.

Building this party is up to all of us. So tomorrow morning, let's do it together. I hope you can tune in.

Thank you for your support,

Governor Tim Kaine

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