Thursday, August 13, 2009

What's at stake

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In the last few months, we've made more progress on health insurance reform than we made in the previous 60 years. You can tell from the reaction of reform opponents that we're doing something right.

Special interests who profit from the status quo are spreading brazen lies that stir up anger, and Republican leaders are chiming in with over-the-top rhetoric that detracts from the public debate. Just last week, Rush Limbaugh insinuated that President Obama was comparable to Adolf Hitler.

It's a perfect example of "the old politics of fear and division" that President Obama talked about during his campaign. But there is too much at stake, too many Americans facing rising health care costs and shrinking paychecks, for us to let the politics of yesterday prevail.

The last thing opponents of reform want is a positive, civil debate. They know they'll lose on the merits, so they're turning to lies and division. It's up to us to expose each distortion for what it is: a lie, plain and simple. If we do that, we'll better our politics -- and bring badly-needed reform.

Monday, the White House launched a new online resource that could help -- a "Reality Check" site to help Americans clear up health care lies and misinformation. Visit the site today -- and then send it to your friends so that everyone you know learns the truth.

Whether it's a parent wondering how reform will affect seniors, an old friend confused about a lie they've heard, or just a concerned co-worker, we all know someone with questions about reform. The "Reality Check" site answers those questions and sets the record straight on lies that have been circulating.

But it's up to each of you to make sure they see it -- so make sure to send it their way today.

With news of disruptions at some town halls, it's easy to forget the progress we've made. But because of your continued commitment, the tide is turning. Supporters of reform now outnumber opponents at many town halls. And when we win the fight for health insurance reform, it will be not only a momentous accomplishment, but a sign that it's possible to defeat the angry politics of the past.

There are too many folks in Washington who are willing to lie for partisan gain, or engage in hateful rhetoric to score political points, for reform to come easily. We all need to step up -- and it starts with you passing along "Reality Check" today:

We face too many challenges together -- we can't afford to continue the slash and burn politics of yesterday. Please stand with me and fight for the truth.

Thank you,

Governor Tim Kaine

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