Thursday, September 30, 2010

Our donations are different

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Midnight tonight is a crucial quarterly fundraising deadline -- the last big one before November. The story the numbers tell will surely become the dominant media narrative going into the final stretch of this election season.

And though the pundits will be paying attention -- their opinion isn't what guides this movement.

Because those who set the national tone don't hear the one-on-one conversations we're all having with voters around the country. They're not with us during the hours we spend making phone calls and knocking on doors.

This is the work your donations help fuel. Your support gets organizers on the ground, ads on the air, and voters to the polls.

Good fundraising numbers generate good news coverage -- but more importantly, they help make sure that we keep our efforts rolling in districts around the country.

And the very best way we can beat Republicans -- in the press, on the ground, and at the ballot box -- is to simply keep blowing them out of the water.

Can you pitch in $3 before midnight tonight?

Our movement has always been about the cumulative strength of individual grassroots donations.

Not lump sum payments from lobbyists or big special interests trying to further their own agendas. Not massive checks cut from super PACs, empowered by newly lax restrictions on corporate spending in elections.

Republicans, armed with this kind of cash, are hoping to hijack the dialogue this fall. They're looking for a repeat of the past, where elections like this served as negative referendums on the party in power. They're turning up the volume on turning back the clock.

Let's remind them that this is not one of those past election years.

This is 2010 -- a year that Democrats passed historic health insurance reform, put in place the strongest consumer protections ever proposed, and enacted legislation that provides tax cuts and expanded credit for small businesses. It's a year that we've spent going to work for the American people while Republicans have done everything they could to block our progress.

And it's a year that presents us with the opportunity to continue making change that matters.

By donating $3 today, you can provide the momentum we need going into the final month of this election season.

Please donate today:



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Executive Director
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