Monday, September 27, 2010

Take it back

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I'll tell you one thing that worries me about this election: There's a small group of billionaires and corporate special interests that are trying to buy their way back into power. They're spending their fortunes to defeat our folks and elect some of the most right-wing Republicans this country has ever seen.

We've launched the By the People Fund to fight back, with the goal of reaching 3 million grassroots donations to power the most ambitious on-the-ground effort ever waged in an election like this.

Here's the deal: We're only 22,981 donations away from shattering that goal right now. We could reach it this month, with one big push this week.

It's going to take 12 grassroots donations in your area to get there.

Will you chip in $5 to the By the People Fund today -- and help us take back our elections?

I spent 36 years in the Senate, serving alongside Republicans of all stripes. But some of the Republicans running now are not from your grandfather's Republican Party. They're from the Republican Tea Party:

  -- Sharron Angle, who wants to be the next senator from Nevada, has called for phasing out Social Security and Medicare -- and even wants to end maternity coverage.

  -- Pat Toomey is running for Senate in Pennsylvania. He wants to de-regulate Big Oil and open up the Great Lakes for drilling.

  -- Christine O'Donnell, who is vying for the same Senate seat I was honored to hold in Delaware, is campaigning on repealing health reform.

The fact is this: The corporate special interests trying to elect these Republicans don't care if they're supporting extremists.

They just want us out of the way. With your help, we've enacted historic reforms despite their best efforts to derail us. Now, they're focused on one thing -- creating a Congress in which they can call the shots once again.

That's why they're pulling out all the stops -- and spending millions -- to win in November.

But we will not stand by and let them take the country backward.

We're counting on you to chip in today to fight back. Your donation will help us fund the organizing going on right now in key races across the country.

Please donate $5 and help us reach our By the People Fund goal:

Thank you,

Joe Biden

P.S. -- Tomorrow night at 6:30 p.m. Eastern Time, President Obama will be rallying with supporters in Madison, Wisconsin. It should be an exciting event -- and you can watch it live at


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