Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Last night's spectacle

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I'm writing to you from Manchester, New Hampshire, where last night I witnessed a spectacle that every single Obama supporter needs to hear about.

The major GOP presidential candidates debated for the first time and made one thing very clear: They have no agenda but to take down President Obama.

They even nodded along when one called the Obama administration a "destructive force," and they said nothing when another said the President has "embraced our enemies."

Last night was a wake-up call to anyone who thinks they can sit tight while the Republicans battle each other for the nomination: The campaign to defeat Barack Obama and roll back his entire record is well underway. And that's the one thing on which all of their potential candidates agree.

It was seven against one. Since the President won't be speaking for himself at one of these debates until next year, our best response is to show the Republicans that when they attack Barack Obama, it only makes us fight back harder.

Chip in $3 or more today to support the President and Democrats across the country.

Fundamentally, last night's debate was about which of their candidates would turn back the clock the farthest.

They came out for re-fighting the battles they lost on Wall Street reform and the health care law. They backed reinstating "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."

They even talked about abolishing the Environmental Protection Agency -- and phasing out Social Security and Medicare.

They actually spent time debating whether they think Sarah Palin would have made a better vice president than Joe Biden (spoiler alert: They still think so!).

But the words "education" and "middle class" were never uttered even once.

If you were watching at home, you might have thought it was a re-run from four or eight years ago.

Most of these people are full-time candidates with nothing to lose and nothing to do but keep pushing to take us back to the failed policies of the past. Help fight back with a donation today:



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