Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Extreme aims

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The 2012 Republicans are in for a real test this week. They're gathering in Iowa for a debate on Thursday and an important straw poll on Saturday where conservative activists will select the person they think ought to be the GOP nominee.

Whoever fares the best in these two contests will come out of the weekend with a burst of momentum. And with so much at stake, you can be sure that these Republicans will reach new lows in their attacks on the President and new extremes in their plans to gut programs that America's seniors and middle class families rely on.

That means we need to be ready to beat back their misstatements with fact-checks, showcase good analysis from other debate watchers, and respond to their attacks in real time.

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Even though this election is just getting started, for some Republicans Thursday might be their last chance for their campaigns to catch fire.

For the current frontrunners, a bad showing might prove to be a disaster.

Both types of candidates deserve a thorough look and an aggressive response from those of us who are committed to debunking their misstatements, defeating their extreme agenda, and reelecting President Obama and other Democrats.

Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann, and the rest of the GOP bunch are daydreaming right now about the successes they'll enjoy after this week -- great headlines, new donors, and a wave of volunteer support.

We can make sure that what they wake up to instead are stories about the facts they got wrong and the voters they alienated. But it will take all of us to keep the record straight.

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