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If you value your right to vote, you need to look at our interactive report on how it's being threatened -- and believe me, you will be amazed by some of the stuff in there. Then, sign on to fight back:

Here's why:

In at least 40 states, Republicans have introduced laws that would make voting more difficult for everyone -- particularly minorities and young voters.

Coincidence? Of course not. It's all for partisan gain. GOP leaders have said it themselves: They do better when fewer people show up to vote.

That's right: Right here in America, some people are actually trying to make sure fewer people show up at the polls next year.

This is an issue that Democrats have always fought for -- bringing more people into the electoral process. It's central to who we are. That's why we're jumping to action right now -- and our vigilant voter protection team is on the case, digging in on these suppression efforts every day. Check out our report now.

When you do, you'll see that some of these new laws are downright absurd. You can vote with a gun license in Texas, but not a student ID. In some states, even a Veterans ID card wouldn't be sufficient photo identification to vote. Republicans are trying to justify their suppression efforts by claiming "voter impersonation" is rampant, but here's what's funny:

Between 2001 and 2007, there were just nine possible occurrences of voter impersonation. (During that same period, 352 people were killed by lightning, and there were more than 32,000 reports of UFO sightings.)

Republican lawmakers have already rammed through laws like these in Wisconsin and Florida, and given that they currently control both chambers in 24 other state legislatures -- nearly all of which also have Republican governors -- I'll bet they're thinking they're going to keep getting away with this.

They're banking on you not doing anything about it. Let's show them that's a bad assumption to make -- and that we're just getting started fighting this.

Here's how we can beat this:

First, we spread the word about these laws, so that we're poised to fight them -- one ballot initiative, one state legislature at a time.

Second, we compound our on-the-ground efforts to register and educate new voters in all 50 states. Because here's something we know: One of the best ways to thwart any voter suppression efforts is going to be by making 2012 the largest turnout ever -- even larger than 2008.

Sound like something you want to be a part of? Learn more, and sign on to join us now.

Because this isn't about Democrats and Republicans. It's not about red states versus blue states. It's about a fundamental right that should transcend the politics that some of our own representatives are foisting on our democracy.

We're slapping that down right now, and that starts with a massive showing of support from people like you. Read our report, add your name, and stay tuned:



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