Sunday, February 05, 2012

This shouldn't be missed

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On Friday, the new jobs numbers came out. We've hit our 23rd consecutive month of job growth, and seen 3.7 million private-sector jobs created during that time.

The economy still has a long way to go to recover, and this is just a snapshot in time. But stats like this shouldn't be missed -- or distorted by the other side.

The folks over at the Obama campaign put together a jobs chart, which lays out the past four years of monthly jobs numbers, from under President Bush in December 2007 up until this past month.

We need every Democrat to get this out there. So we've put together an easy-to-share page where you can Facebook it, tweet it, or even send it on a postcard.

Check out the chart and spread the word.

Help spread the word about the President's jobs record.

You probably know that one of the GOP's go-to lies is bashing President Obama's jobs record.

Mitt Romney's called him a job destroyer, claiming that the President "has not created any new jobs." Newt Gingrich's taken it a step further, saying, "the President has now spent three years proving that he kills jobs in energy, he kills jobs in manufacturing, he kills jobs in virtually every part of American life."

We've had about enough of that. And that's why we're pushing back.

Tens of thousands of supporters have already shared this chart online -- and now we're ready to take it to the offline world, too.

Check out the new jobs chart, then pass along the cold, hard facts to everyone who should know:



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