Monday, March 26, 2012

Early attacks

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The Republican attack machine is already cranking up -- who says they need a nominee?

While Mitt Romney and the other Republican candidates fight for the nomination, the Republican National Committee isn't wasting any time. Last week, the RNC announced it was stepping up its campaign, starting with new TV ads attacking the President's record.

The RNC isn't waiting -- we can't afford to either. The FEC fundraising deadline is just six days away. Donate $3 today to make sure we stay ahead of the game.

I have to give the Republicans credit: They've learned from 2008, when our early organizing caught them by surprise. They're pouring resources into ten battleground states as soon as April, and they're already running misleading ads on everything from gas prices to -- you guessed it -- Obamacare.

We've been building for this day since 2008. The DNC has organizers on the ground in cities and towns across the country, building the neighbor-to-neighbor teams it's going to take to win in November. We're supporting local state parties in all fifty states, helping them expose Republican distortions in the media and online.

But you can be sure the Republicans are going to spend whatever it takes to catch up.

With the Republicans moving early, we need to redouble our efforts to keep our edge. March 31st marks a crucial fundraising deadline, and a test of strength for Democrats nationwide.

Can you donate $3 to help us push back against Republican attacks?



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