Friday, March 23, 2012

It gets me fired up

Automat --

Two years ago today, we passed health care reform.

We did the right thing and it's affecting people's lives.

Preventive services with no out-of-pocket costs, an end to women paying higher premiums just because they're women, protection from insurance company abuses, 33 million Americans gaining coverage ... and it extends the solvency of Medicare through 2024, while closing the "doughnut hole" in prescription-drug coverage and reducing costs for seniors.

It's a long list of achievements that affects each and every one of us.

When I hear the other side saying they'll take it all away, that gets me pretty fired up.

I'm proud we passed the Affordable Care Act. Let's show just how many of us are willing to protect it.

If you're with me, stand up for this landmark legislation today:




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