Thursday, April 26, 2012

"The worst presidential campaign money can buy"

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Remember the mysterious, secretly funded, Koch-brothers-backed group called Americans for Prosperity, which flushed millions into the 2010 election to help Tea Party Republicans take back the House? This is the same group that, along with Sarah Palin, supported and rallied for Scott Walker's fight in Wisconsin to strip union workers of collective bargaining rights.

Well, they're back -- with a "multi-million dollar," "massive ad launch" to slam President Obama.

We could face some serious damage -- unless we fight back right away.

Before Monday's critical FEC fundraising deadline, and before the damage is done, fight back against the Koch brothers' ad assault right now with a donation of $3 or more.

"We are about to have the worst presidential campaign money can buy," a Washington Post columnist recently wrote about super PACs and outside groups' new ability to raise and spend money.

Just look at pro-Romney super PAC spending during the GOP primary to get a glimpse of what we're up against.

Outside groups are running millions of dollars in ads right now, with the express purpose of beating us before we even get the chance to fight back.

Here's the kicker: This is in addition to Karl Rove's American Crossroads super PAC and Crossroads GPS, which plan to spend as much as $300 million and recently announced that they are already $100 million to their goal.

His group is spending $1.7 million on ads right now attacking the president in six swing states critical to winning in November: Ohio, Florida, Nevada, Colorado, Iowa, and Virginia. They also just launched ads in five states to help the GOP take the Senate this year.

We're facing a big fundraising deadline at midnight on Monday -- and we're facing Karl Rove and the Koch brothers.

If you want to be part of defending President Obama's record, our progress, and Democrats up and down the ticket, now's the time to get in.

Chip in $3 or more to make sure we're prepared to fight back today:



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