Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Not a "Rush Babe"

Automat --

Inflammatory windbag Rush Limbaugh strikes again.

There's a new group out there -- women who support the ultra-conservative policies that are taking their rights away -- and Rush Limbaugh is their leader. Even their name and logo are insulting.

If your blood pressure's spiking, you can just go ahead and click their logo -- then donate to support candidates who can see through stunts like this -- who are dedicated to speaking out for women.

Rush Babes?

Here's why this is a problem: Republicans, and the pundits who frequently speak for them, have advocated some increasingly backwards policies on women. Rush Babes was formed as a reaction to all the women who've spoken out against their proposals to limit control over our choices, our health, and our futures.

Rush thinks we're just part of a fringe group (his words: "A tiny number of highly agitated activist types. They're basically miserable and unhappy women, for whatever reason"). We represent millions of Americans -- not just women -- who are fed up with the Republicans' incessant attacks on women's health.

If Rush Limbaugh doesn't speak for you, donate to Democrats today:

Then, take a second to share this with your friends and ask them to join us, too.



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