Thursday, May 17, 2012

Off the leash

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This morning, we got a rare preview of what's in store for the campaign this fall: A 54-page, $10 million-plus proposal for a coordinated, hateful attack on President Obama's character.

It'd be timed to launch around the Democratic National Convention.

It's too bad, the Republican strategy firm writes, that voters "still aren't ready to hate this president." That's why they're willing to go to appalling lengths, including invoking the President's former pastor, Jeremiah Wright.

Tell Mitt Romney and his allies to strongly and immediately condemn these kinds of hateful attacks.

Some former McCain consultants involved have been waiting to launch this kind of attack since 2008.

It's time, according to these strategists, to "do what John McCain wouldn't let us do."

And Romney is no McCain.

So here's where we stand: Republican strategists are off the leash, and ready to dig into these kinds of ugly and extraordinarily misleading smears on the President. Their proposal is a coordinated attack: $10 million for TV ads, a radio campaign, newspaper ads, and "huge aerial banners flying over the Convention."

They're ready. They've got the resources and the plan.

Fight back now:



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