Monday, September 29, 2014

Barack and I need you

A lot of Democratic campaigns in tight races around the country are making huge decisions about resources tomorrow -- it's our last FEC quarterly deadline before Election Day.

And here's the truth: If we don't know what resources are available soon, there won't be any time to change strategies before Election Day.

That's why tomorrow's deadline is so critical. Can I count on you to pitch in $3 or more today?

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Or donate another amount.

Now, I believe our democracy becomes more perfect only when more people vote. That's why Democratic candidates, their organizers, and thousands of volunteers all over the country are hitting the pavement to knock on doors and talk to their fellow citizens -- when November 4th comes, we all want to know that the final results represent as many Americans as possible.

So please, help maintain control of the Senate -- chip in $3 or whatever you can before tomorrow's important end-of-quarter deadline:

Thanks for standing with us.



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