Saturday, October 11, 2014

Really damn close

Well, here we are.

Election day is just 24 days away, and these races are tight. There's a lot at stake, and while we are very focused on protecting our majority in the Senate (and we should be), we absolutely cannot forget about some of the close governors' races that are on the line, and making some gains in the House, too. Right now we're neck and neck with some of our biggest opponents on the other side.

On November 4th, you don't want to see results rolling in announcing victories for guys like Mitch McConnell, Scott Brown, and Scott Walker. We have more than just victory celebrations on the line. If we can't get people on our side elected, we'll be looking at another two years of obstruction and unnecessary distractions.

That's why it's so important that you step up now in this final stretch. Pitch in $3 or more before the mid-month FEC deadline in just four days to give our candidates the resources they need to win.

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Or donate another amount.

For years, Republicans in Congress have refused to work with President Obama, and the idea of spending the next couple years just as stagnant and backwards-looking as ever is a scary thought. Right now, Democrats are building the organization that can get things done, but we can only make progress if we unseat the people who have made obstructing our President their most important priority.

Losing just isn't an option. So before Wednesday's deadline, pitch in $3 or more to help get great Democrats elected:

We can win this.

Stephanie Cutter


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