Saturday, April 16, 2016

The difference Democrats make

Getting the word out about how bad Republicans would be for America is the most important part of our work.

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Another week, another chance to see just what a difference there is between the vision for America we're fighting for as Democrats and what Republicans do when left to their own devices. Here are just a few of the examples from this week of just how far apart our two parties are on some of the most important issues -- take a look, and then share with your friends:

Voting Rights

When it comes to one of our most fundamental rights, Republicans are sticking to their principle of "less (access to the ballot) is more (beneficial to us)."

Really, GOP? -- load image

Whereas Democrats are refusing to back down to states that threaten that right, and just this week, the Democratic National Committee announced a joint lawsuit against the state of Arizona to fight back:

Our message to Arizona Republicans -- load image

Equal Rights

We've seen what a difference state government can make when it comes to anti-LGBT equality laws. While Pennsylvania's Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf signed an executive order this week to bar discrimination in state agencies and contractors, GOP-led state after GOP-led state is going in the opposite direction:

We have to keep fighting -- load image

This week also marked Equal Pay Day, a holiday we wish we didn't have to celebrate. While the Republican Party doesn't seem to think it's an issue worth addressing that in 2016, women still only make 79 cents on average for every dollar a man makes:

These guys can't be trusted -- load image

Democrats agree that when women succeed, America succeeds:

Democrats are here for women -- load image


And let's not forget, that when it comes to actually governing and allowing our three branches to function as the Constitution states, the difference is night and day:

We couldn't agree more -- load image

We're going to keep saying it -- load image

The good news is that our candidates up and down the ballot are making the case crystal clear for why we're so much better off electing Democrats this November:

We're pretty proud of this -- load image

And with supporters like you getting out the word about just how important this election is, we're going to be in great shape to win and win big. Make sure to share this with your friends and family, and don't forget -- you can let everyone you forward this to know they can be Factivist, too!

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