Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Did you know this about Donald Trump?

Friend --

There is no one I admire -- or trust -- more than Hillary Clinton, and that's what I'm going to say at the Democratic Convention this week.

This country needs her to win this election -- and she needs you on her side to do it.

Donald Trump simply has no credibility or standing to represent American interests abroad. His small-minded, unstable temperament, his shocking incoherence regarding the norms and details of foreign policy, and his dangerous ideology are all completely disqualifying.

Trump barely understood the Brexit decision, which sent ripples of economic anxiety and nationalist sentiment across Europe. He believes more, not fewer, nations should acquire nuclear weapons. He praises authoritarians like Vladimir Putin. He thinks people like President Obama and Hillary are to blame for the rise of ISIS and the collapse of Libya. He considers NATO -- a bedrock alliance dating back to 1949 -- a security agreement we could casually withdraw from or renegotiate unilaterally. Just this weekend, he talked about leaving the World Trade Organization as well.

I've known Hillary for decades, and I know that the choice we have to make in November could not be more clear or more consequential. If you're with her and trust her as much as I do, show her -- and show the world how much better we are than the disturbing and dark vision Donald Trump offers.

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