Saturday, September 24, 2016

Elizabeth Warren did something awesome this week

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Friend --

We've seen what happens when Congress is controlled by Republicans whose sole purpose is to put up roadblocks to obstruct a Democratic president:

Not much.

That's basically what we've gotten for the last two years since Republicans won the Senate majority. They won't pass legislation with massive popular support like background checks for gun sales. They won't even fulfill the basic requirements of their job and hold a confirmation hearing to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court.

But earlier this week we got a pretty incredible example of what it looks like for a senator to do her job. Elizabeth Warren tore into the CEO of Wells Fargo over his lack of accountability for a fraudulent scheme that enriched himself and stockholders on the backs of customers while shifting the blame to lower level employees. I'm not doing it justice -- you should just see this for yourself:

What Sen. Warren said -- load image

What Sen. Warren said -- load image

What Sen. Warren said -- load image

If you like what you see here -- senators actually doing their job to hold big corporations and Wall Street accountable -- then we need your help to take back the Senate. It's why Senator Warren is working so hard on behalf of our great Democratic candidates all across the country to make sure we do.

But it's not a sure thing. The New York Times forecast gives Republicans a 58% chance of holding on to their majority. The Washington Post also updated their forecast this week to predict that Republicans will keep 19 of their seats -- and their majority.

We deserve better than what the do-nothing GOP-controlled Senate has to offer. We deserve senators like Elizabeth Warren who fight for the American people -- not the big banks and the special interests. But we need to work for it. Pitch in $3 or more today to help us make sure Democrats have what it takes to win on November 8th.

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