Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Fired up? Become an official Obama Legacy Donor

Become an Obama Legacy Donor Democrats
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All the progress we've made these past eight years is on the ballot in 14 days. Become an official Obama Legacy Donor today, and commit to protecting and building on it for years to come.

I have a close group of girlfriends who have lifted each other up and told each other like it is for a long time now. We call ourselves "the Colored Girls," a name we coined during the presidential campaign of Michael Dukakis when we took a stand against the decision to separate the campaign staff by seniority -- which resulted in our being separated by race as well.

Since then, we have been taking those same kinds of stands every day in our personal lives and our careers to help people who are being pushed aside, held down, or left out -- because everyone's voice deserves to be represented at the table and in our highest offices.

That's why I'm proud to have had President Obama's back since he was a senator. He starts every day fired up and ready to fight for every American. He has shown us what it means to wear the weight of the presidency with dignity and pride.

So if you're thankful to have raised your children under such an exemplary role model, if you're thankful to have seen our first African American president go high every time his critics went low, if you're thankful that President Obama is leaving with America in better conditions than when he came into office -- then I need you to take one extra step to protect his legacy.

Today, we're launching the Obama Legacy Donors -- a group of Democrats who are committed to winning this election for Hillary and Democrats down the ticket so that we can guarantee that the change we have made under President Obama lasts for generations to come. Will you become an Obama Legacy Donor? Chip in $3 or more today.

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