Monday, November 07, 2016

I'm making calls to get out the vote - can you join me?

Here's why I'm heping out The Democratic Party
Check out why Will B. is volunteering to get out the vote -- then join him by signing up to make calls from home:

Hi --

My name is Will. We've most likely never met, and might not do so. But I'm so grateful for the opportunity to speak with you for a moment.

I'm not a wealthy guy. Nor do I represent a special interest. I'm a 76-year-old Kansas heartlander, Eagle Scout, physician (Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine), Vietnam veteran, Bronze Star recipient, father/grandfather, volunteer university medical student tutor/lecturer/instructor/interviewer, Pearl Harbor Boot Camp for New Dads coach, and LGBT, veterans, universal civil rights, affordable education and racial equality advocate and activist, retired with my partner of 11 years in Honolulu.

I'm a Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine supporter because they speak directly to issues important to me: gun violence, the environment, PTSD care, military suicide prevention, college sexual assault, and national security. I am supporting Democratic candidates because I am absolutely, unequivocally convinced that they will consistently address these issues about which I and many Americans care.

For the past several months, I've volunteered regularly for the Hawaiʻi for Hillary phone bank, and now I am helping recruit volunteers at our condominium building who will provide rides to the polls for anyone in need on Election Day.

I'll bet if every one of the folks who read this stepped up and signed up to make some calls, we'd get a lot of people out to vote, wouldn't we?

Please join me. There is far too much at stake in this election. And I know you know that. Sign up for a shift to make calls:

And here's what I know:

Each of us has an important voice and an influence that's ours to use. We've all got something we can express, nurture, share, and pass around. We just need to seize the opportunities right in front of us to connect to each other and be stronger together.

This is one of those opportunities. Join me by signing up to help get out the vote -- and elect Hillary Clinton president. The pediatrician in me wants to see grandchildren at the White House come January.

Will B.
Honolulu, HI


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