Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Start making some calls!

It's Election Day! Democrats
DemocratsJoin us.
Today is Election Day! We need your help to get voters to the polls -- click this button and start making calls:

Friend --

If you are a Democrat who really wants to win this election -- and is really anxious as the clock keeps ticking and we get closer to the polls closing -- I have a great way for you to spend some time these last few hours that will make you feel better and make a real difference. I promise.

Making calls to voters in swing states can make the difference between someone voting and not voting -- and us winning a close race or losing it.

Here is something Michelle Obama reminded North Carolina voters a few weeks ago that really stuck with me: in 2008, Barack Obama won that state by 14,000 votes. That averaged out to just two votes in each precinct. In 2012, he lost by the equivalent of 17 votes per precinct.

If those voters had gone the other way or stayed home, President Obama might not have won the state in 2008 -- or lost it in 2012. And this year, we just can't leave it to chance. That's why we're asking you to hop on our online call tool (it's fun and easy) and talk to some folks who might just make the difference in a close state. You could help win this for us. Click here, and start making calls before the polls close tonight:


Thanks so much for doing your part -- we really appreciate you.


Lindsey Reynolds
Chief Operating Officer
Democratic National Committee

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