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North Carolina Republicans have sent voters a clear message
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Something has been going on in North Carolina that's almost impossible to believe.

Pat McCrory, the Republican governor, lost his campaign for re-election. He finally managed to concede the race a few weeks later.

Then, Republican legislators got to work systematically stripping away responsibilities from the Office of the Governor -- powers McCrory used during his time in office -- because the next governor is a Democrat.

It's an outrageous, unprecedented, undemocratic abuse of power. And we're not going to let Republicans get away with it.

But first, let's back up a minute to take a look at how we got here.

After the 2012 election, knowing that there would be a competitive governor's race in 2016 along with the presidential campaign, North Carolina Republicans set out on a mission that's become all too common among Republican legislatures: making it harder for people to vote.

In 2013, Pat McCrory signed into law a bill requiring voter ID and reducing voting hours and locations that was specifically designed to discriminate against African Americans. You don't have to take my word for it -- a federal court ruled the law unconstitutional because it targeted African American voters "with almost surgical precision."

In other words: Republicans deliberately tried to make it harder for voters who were more likely to support Democrats to cast their ballots, the Democratic candidate for governor won anyway, and now the GOP has moved on to a new tactic to subvert the will of North Carolina voters.

And the Republican-controlled legislature knows that what they're doing in Raleigh right now is not aboveboard. They've been trying to conduct their special legislative session in secret, repeatedly ordering the House and Senate chambers to be cleared by police and even having a journalist covering the legislature thrown in jail. Within hours of the bills removing the next governor's authority hitting his desk, McCrory is signing them into law.

Republicans are sending the people of North Carolina a clear message: your vote doesn't matter. As Democrats, we have a responsibility to stand up and make our voices heard when Republicans undermine elections and attack democracy -- so can you chip in $3 or more to help us fight back?

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There's nothing more important than standing up for the integrity of our elections. There will be more to come on what's happening in North Carolina and elsewhere -- but for now, thanks for stepping up.


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