Wednesday, January 18, 2017

CALL NOW: Tell the Senate to oppose Betsy DeVos

When senators hear from their constituents, they listen
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Call Senate Republicans and tell them to reject Betsy DeVos' nomination -- it only takes two minutes to have a big impact:

Friend --

Vice President Biden has a lot of great sayings, but one of my favorites is something that I think gets to the core of what we believe as Democrats: that everyone deserves a fair shot and a fair shake. Nowhere is that more true than when it comes to education.

Last night, the Senate began the confirmation hearings for Trump's pick to lead the Department of Education, extreme right-wing billionaire Betsy DeVos. The hearings revealed that Betsy DeVos is dangerously and embarrassingly unqualified to lead the Department of Education. And we're asking you to call your senators and tell them why DeVos would be the wrong choice to be put in charge of our kids' futures.

  • In yesterday's hearings, DeVos failed to answer basic questions about public education and appeared to be completely unaware of the federal laws that govern education policy, such as the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.
  • She defended guns in schools in order to fend off grizzly bear attacks. (Not hyperbole -- that was her actual answer when asked if guns should be permitted in schools.)
  • Like so many of Trump's nominees, DeVos is a wealthy donor to Republicans -- and her vast financial entanglements include companies, like one which refinances student loans, that have the potential to win or lose based on decisions she could make as Secretary of Education.
  • In her home state of Michigan, she installed a charter school system that even charter advocates have called "the biggest school reform disaster in the country."
  • Unlike previous nominees to this position, DeVos has never been an educator, nor did she attend public schools or send her own children to them. Her background reshaping Michigan's school system suggests that she will advance policies that would steer taxpayer dollars away from public schools serving the poorest students and instead toward vouchers for private or religious schools.
  • DeVos and her family have also donated money to a host of far-right religious organizations and has a troubling anti-LGBT history, which raises serious concerns about her commitment to protecting the safety and educational experience of all students.

Before the election, a national poll showed that if grade school students could vote, they would have voted overwhelmingly against Donald Trump and his agenda. These are the same students whose futures will be impacted under Betsy DeVos' Department of Education. Do them a favor and take two minutes to make a call to your senator today:

Thanks for stepping up,


Eric Walker
Deputy Communications Director
Democratic National Committee

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