Thursday, February 09, 2017

Hit the GOP where it hurts - at the polls

We're not waiting for 2018 to roll around.
DemocratsJoin us.
We're getting ready to take back our Senate majority right now. Pitch in $3 or more today if you're with us:

On Tuesday, Mike Pence and Senate Republicans ignored the overwhelming will of the public and made Betsy DeVos our education secretary.

Let's get one thing clear: we made our voices heard. We shattered records for calling the Senate, averaging 1.5 million calls a day last week. We kept Republican senators' phone lines so jammed that one Utahn resorted to sending Sen. Orrin Hatch's office a pizza in the hope that her note asking him to oppose Betsy DeVos would get through.

But Senate Republicans chose to cower to Trump's will (and the hundreds of thousands of dollars the DeVos family has given to elect them probably didn't hurt either) instead of putting our children first.

And we're starting to see a pattern here. Spineless Congressional Republicans have supported Trump's shameful and poorly-planned executive orders and disastrously unqualified Cabinet picks. We just saw them vote in lockstep to confirm Jeff Sessions -- who was considered by the Senate to be too racist to be a federal judge in 1986 -- as Attorney General. They are a doormat for the Trump administration to walk over -- even though Trump's approval ratings are lower than those of any other new president in history.

Because of the GOP's cowardice, our system of checks and balances is compromised -- and in order to fix it, we need to help Democrats win back control of Congress.

If you're ready to put a stop to Trump's Republican Party, pitch in $3 or whatever you can right now so we can start building the tools and infrastructure that it will take to elect Democrats in 2018.

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