Friday, April 14, 2017

Thanks - now take the next step


Thanks for saying you'll be attending a Tax March near you. Click here to find a local march.

You're one of our most active supporters, and we're going to keep relying on you to help Democrats push back against Republicans at every level of government.

Here are three quick, easy things you can do right now to stop Republicans:
  1. Spread the word. Let your friends know that you've committed to electing Democrats, and ask them to join you! Share on Facebook or tweet that you're in.

  2. Make a donation. We rely on supporters like you to make sure that our candidates have the resources they need to win. Your donation of $10 or more today will support Democrats who are fighting for our values at every level:

  3. Become a Factivist. Help get out the facts about Republican candidates and their disastrous policies. Sign up to become a Factivist today, and we'll make sure you get the latest information to share with your friends and neighbors.
Thanks for staying involved,


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