Thursday, June 29, 2017

Contemptible, despicable, execrable

Let's close June strong.
Before our end-of-quarter deadline tomorrow, pitch in $3 or more to help elect Democrats all over the country.

Dear Friend,

Here's a little tip from a guy who used to be a writer: there's no shame in reaching for a thesaurus when you need to find just the right word.

So, for example, let's say you're talking about Trumpcare. You don't have to settle for calling it "bad." You could call it -- let's see here -- "contemptible," or "despicable," or "execrable." Instead of calling it "cruel," you could jazz it up with a word like "heartless" or "malevolent."

Or let's say you wanted to explain to your friend how important it is that we not let up the fight, even though Republicans aren't going to vote on the bill this week. You could use "critical," or "imperative," or even "vital."

Because it is. Sure, we should celebrate the strength we've showed this week, but backing down from the fight now would be a huge mistake. Or, if you prefer, "blunder." Or "goof."

The truth is, you can use whatever words you want -- because when it comes to fighting the far right, it's not what we say that matters. It's what we do.

When it comes to defeating the Trump agenda and putting our country back on track, all the fifty-cent words in the thesaurus don't mean nearly as much as a $3 (or whatever you can afford) contribution to help elect Democrats across the country.

Click here to donate, contribute, endow, pitch in -- whatever word works for you. The important thing is that you take action today to help us stop the far right!

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Or donate another amount.
With gratitude/appreciation/thankfulness,


P.S. -- This fight isn't over. Republicans will be coming back after the recess with more attacks on health care -- and more lies/prevarications/misstatements/whoppers. We need to stay strong. Click here to donate right now and help us build our grassroots organization in all 50 states!


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