Friday, July 07, 2017

Just when we thought they couldn't sink any lower...

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Friend --

Every time I think Republicans have sunk as low as they can, they manage to find a way to go lower.

Low was Donald Trump pretending that the reason he lost the popular vote was because as many as 5 million Americans "illegally" voted.

Lower was when he established a commission to investigate "voter fraud" -- a wholly made-up problem invented by Republicans as a pretext to make it more difficult for folks to vote.

And last week, we hit rock bottom when Kris Kobach -- the man behind some of this country's most severe voting restrictions, hand-picked by Trump to run this new sham of a commission -- demanded that each state hand over its voter rolls.

Handing over all your personal information, including your political party and voting history, to Donald Trump? I don't think so. Thank God almost every state has refused this absurd request.

But here's the simple truth: this isn't the first time Donald Trump and his cronies have tried to undermine our democracy, and it won't be the last.

We have to keep pushing back on Trump until this ridiculous commission is disbanded for good, and do everything in our power to protect our right to vote.

There's no fight more important than this, and I'm ready for it. If you are too, add your name right now and let me know:



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